With Our Skilled Team, Your Project Comes To Life

Our assembly process begins with strong attention to detail. Koncept Design partners with a team of skilled workers that consistently deliver reliable quality results for any project size, whether it is commercial office furniture assembly or installation.

First-Class Office Furniture Assembly And Maintenance

If you’re looking for office furniture assembly in Montreal, Ottawa, or Toronto, look to Koncept and our team of experienced professionals for a seamless experience. From consulting us with your needs to product delivery and installation, we promise a worry-free experience and furniture tailored to your needs.

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Koncept Office Interiors Inc.
2196 Hillary Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1H 7J1

Phone: 1.844.KONCEPT (566.2378)
Fax: 1.844.KONCEPT (566.2378)
Email: info@konceptoffice.com
Web: www.konceptoffice.com