Koncept Office has been delivering excellence in office furniture to Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal for the past 20 years. When they choose Koncept for their office design, our clients appreciate the seamless experience they get, from koncept, to design, to assembly and installation.

Ergonomic Solutions Improve

Improved productivity and workplace satisfaction are just side effects
of ergonomic solutions for your office furniture. While ergonomic
furniture solutions improve your overall health, they also reduce
absenteeism resulting from the aches and pains associated with the
strain of poorly thought-out workstations.

Koncept Office Interiors

Our philosophy is to understand your work environment and create an
office concept that is not only beautiful, but that is also specifically
designed to help you achieve your goals. Our clients are part of the
process every step of the way, and we constantly consult with them to
ensure that all their needs are met.

Thinking Of A Redesign? Visualize Before You Commit

Our Services Include a FREE 3D Rendering of your office space.

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Koncept’s Story

Koncept Office was incorporated in 2014 as a destination for quality home and office furniture, but the successful Ottawa-based furniture supplier has very humble beginnings: Koncept began as an evolution of SIM Office.

Established in 1986, SIM Office began as a family owned business and through the years evolved into Koncept Office, growing to include furniture from both the SIM Office Brand and La-Z-Boy Business Furniture Gallery. Our founders are pioneers in home and business furnishings, and have dedicated themselves to knowledge and growth in the field for over twenty years.

Ever since we began providing office furniture solutions, we have prioritized quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction above all else. This approach has allowed us to build our reputation as industry leaders, an enviable position for our competitors.

Our mission

Koncept Office Interiors was founded in 2014 as a destination for quality home and office furniture. As a strong and proud supporter of the Canadian economy, Koncept sources most of its products in Canada. We are dedicated to crafting lasting, meaningful relationships with our clients, fashioning experiences where design and ideas come together.